Done deed

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I quashed my Facebook account using a dummy email account to do so. Then I zapped the email account. I’m not terribly confident that Facebook has actually eliminated all my details, but if it were to fall into the wrong hands somehow, I think my intention cannot be misinterpreted: I want to be less than a ghost.

But I find it interesting that after ditching Facebook, the three people who immediately took notice reacted rather bizarrely:

  • Emma said: RIP facebook:)
  • Melanie said: I saw you finally did it! Bravo! It takes a lot of courage to stay off
  • Erin said: Emma mentioned you’ve broken free from facebook!  Congrats!!

People will always have a love-hate relationship with FB. Still… intriguing!

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2 Responses to “Done deed”

  1. cDiddy
    December 6, 2007 at 6:12 pm #



    The guy who never joined to begin with.

    *crosses arms and looks smug*

  2. Adam
    December 6, 2007 at 6:28 pm #

    you cockface! the reason you didn’t create an account was because of all those ex-girlfriends — nothing to do with the kind of privacy that *I* meant!