The Great Canadian Copyfight

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The Canadian House of Commons is set to roll out new copyright legislation that essentially panders to American lobbyists’ demands that Canada do something about its alleged couterfeiting and IP theft¬†problem. Michael Geist, a professor at the University of Ottawa, and one of my favourte intellectual property bloggers, tells you what you can do to make sure the Canadian Government listens to its citizens and doesn’t serve the interests of the US.

A snippet from Michael’s post:

The unfortunate reality is that there is nothing can be done about what the bill will look like when it is introduced – Industry Minister Jim Prentice has simply decided discard consumer, education, research, and privacy interests, ignore his own party’s policy platform, and the cave into U.S. pressure.¬† Once the bill is introduced, however, Canadians can send a message to their MPs, the Ministers, and others, calling for a fair copyright bill that addresses Canadian concerns (those in Calgary can do so in person on December 8th as Prentice hosts an open house).

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