The peaks and valleys of the VC game

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I was referred to this site today. Man, there are some interesting profiles on VC firms here. If you’re looking for venture capital, you might want to have a peek at first.

An excerpt:

Allen Frazier brought Jon Gilbert from Arthur Anderson with him when he formed Frazier Securities. Jon is a former cop, who despite getting an MBA is better suited eating donuts and drinking bad coffee. Allen puts Jon on the boards of his companies, even if the CEO’s [sic]┬áhave never met Jon before. Jon destroyed our $150 MM company, just by his actions on our board. His constant whining and squealing at board meetings eventually worked, as he undermined the CEO, and forced the company to be liquidated for $15 MM.

(Thanks CDiddy!)

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One Response to “The peaks and valleys of the VC game”

  1. cDiddy
    January 24, 2008 at 12:11 pm #

    Dear lord I got a shout out on the internet!