Sit your butt down

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I have this little calendar at work called “Dumb Dares for the Office.” Today’s dare wasn’t phrased very well, and there was some ambiguity. The dare says this:

Post a sign-up sheet offering your services for free lunchtime chair massages.

The confusion arises over whether or not anyone’s office chair really needs a massage. So my colleague Michael drafted the following advertisement for chair massages:

Is your chair feeling a little run down? Does it seem to have a week-long case of the Mondays? Well bring your chair to Cubicle 37 today! At Cubicle 37 we specialize in chair massages and other relaxation techniques to soothe and comfort your work chair.

And these services are not just for work chairs! Bring in your kitchen chairs, bar stools or even foot stools. Remember footstools are people too!

We are so confident that your chair will feel and work better we offer a complete money-back guarantee. If your chair is not completely satisfied with its massage, you get your money back! That’s right! Your money back!

Cubicle 37—located at the corner of “Working? and Hardly at All!
We Care, About Your Chair

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One Response to “Sit your butt down”

  1. Fish
    March 14, 2008 at 10:13 pm #

    You’re brilliant. “We care, about your chair.” I love how the comma ads a Troy Maclure dramatic pause.