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My dear friend Sarah has started a blog which encourages women of all stripes to abandon their cars in favour of cycling. OK, that description hardly does Sarah’s blog justice. She explains in much finer prose the purpose of Girls and Bicycles (Advocating beautiful girls on bicycles in a city addicted to cars):

Biking in heels and a dress is not atrocious. In my northern Canadian city it may be rare, but stylish women need to stop running to the car every time they need to get somewhere, and start thinking about how they navigate the city of Edmonton.

Take a clue from other cities with flourishing bike cultures. Beauty and cycling do not have to be at odds. It’s not just a sport, it’s how you choose to get around. Do not compromise your style, and start pedaling.

As I grapple with the best way to bike to work without being a sweaty mess, it’s good to know people like Sarah are doing their part to encourage more sustainable behaviour. The people of this city are married to their cars. I’m pleased to say that every time I climb into trusty old Chloe, I feel a pang of guilt.

So although I’m not a girl, I’m behind Sarah’s call to spokes: ditch the car. Take a few extra minutes to ride your bike to wherever you’re going. It’ll save you money in the long-term, and you’ll have a minimal impact on the environment.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Sarah.

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