I need some Ginkgo

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I’m currently working on trying to come up with individual taglines for a line of nutraceutical products, like Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, and Echinacea. I can’t help but feel I’d be getting more done if I was using one of these supplements to stimulate my brain and sharpen my focus.

It’s been challenging, and will continue to be, to shift my focus from working in a staid, bland office-drone position to working in a vibrant, chaotic creative services firm. I’m up for it, it was the right choice, it was about time and all that good stuff… But It’s still tough to shift gears so suddenly, when I was so used to being bound by process and policy.

Fortunately, there’s always levity. So given that I’m working with scientists to market their new line of products, I thought I’d drop some sort-of pseudo-science on your asses. That is, after all, the misspelled name of this blog.

Thanks to @ink_slinger on Twitter for sending out this inspirational link.

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