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and old macintosh plus with a modern screenWhen I’m at work, I always have between three and five browser tabs open. Partly because my job and the internet are, like, totally best buds. But also because I enjoy the web as a diversion every so often when my work involves sitting at a computer more or less all day. So today, just out of curiosity, I polled my Twitter followers and asked them what browser tabs they have open all day long. Here are the official — and completely unscientific but somehow still relevant to some branch of science yet to be discovered — results:

Top three tabs among my tweeps

  1. Gmail & Twitter tied for first (13/23 respondents)
  2. Facebook (8/23 respondents)
  3. Google Reader and iGoogle tied for third (6/23 respondents)

Commonalities and Observations

  • Every single respondent had a Google site open throughout the day. Gmail, Reader, News, Docs, whatever. We are, everyone of us, Google whores.
  • At least one other twit keeps an OilersNation tab open, like me.
  • Two respondents always have the Environment Canada site open — the same two always have CNN open.
  • Two respondents indicated they typically use RSS Feed Readers to surf the interwebs.

And some other things…

If you responded and said you used a non-browser app to interface with Twitter, I didn’t include you in #1 above. However, it’s fair to say that nearly everyone who responded indicated that they always have Twitter open in some form on their computer.

I asked people which 3-5 five tabs they keep open all day. In total, between 23 people, we had 88 browser tabs open, or 3.83 tabs each.

Who cares?

Well, I do, obviously. I was just curious, because I always have three tabs open: Google Reader,’s Admin interface, and Oh, and some days I keep Google News open.

Finally, doing polls like this on Twitter is fun, and I plan to do more and publish the results just for fun. It’s always interesting to see who responds.

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