A different kind of cubism

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About a month ago, Nissan Canada undertook a rather unusual marketing strategy for the launch of the Nissan Cube. Rather than access their typical advertising channels — TV spots, radio ads, etc — they set out to do try and build buzz in a rather novel way: entirely by word of mouth. Viral marketing using social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and other social web tools isn’t entirely unusual. However, it’s the scope and scale of this campaign that’s really remarkable.

A good friend of mine, who designed the look and feel of all the Nation websites we’ve developed, found out about Nissan’s “Hypercube” campaign, and decided to sign up just for fun. He created a Twitter account (@ekymson), and filled in his Hypercube profile. At the beginning of the week, Eldon received an email saying that he’d been selected as one of the 500 Hypercube finalists. He now has a 1 in 10 chance of winning a Nissan Cube.

When he first received the email, Eldon wasn’t certain he’d be able to participate, being the busy guy that he is. But a few of us managed to convince him to put his design skills to good use. The hypercube contest asks finalists to create an update a canvas throughout the month. You can see Eldon’s canvas here.

I’ve taken it upon myself to help Eldon get as many votes as possible, to try and get him into the next round, where finalists are judged by people selected by Nissan Canada. I may have even scored Eldon a TV interview for next week. I’ll update when it’s been confirmed.

Please go to the Hypercube website, register and then give Eldon your vote. Let’s see this Hypercube thing through to the end!

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One Response to “A different kind of cubism”

  1. Adam Snider
    April 20, 2009 at 2:14 pm #

    My god, that is one fugly car.