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Most everything I say, tweet, or write is designed to elicit a specific reaction from people — often shock or laughter. I’m usually quite satisfied. But sometimes I’ll say something without thinking (OK, oftentimes) and the results exceed my expectations or go off in an entirely different direction. That’s what happened this morning on Twitter when I suggested #yeg tweeps create an Edmonton Twitter Boys Calendar for 2010. Yeah, that one went of the rails pretty quickly as people grabbed on to the idea. Before I knew what happened, I was placed in charge of producing the thing.

And now that I think it’s a good idea, I want to do it. But I need your help with some suggestions for how this should work, so please provide me with comments below. We may decide this isn’t feasible. We may decide it is, and just produce PDF copies. Maybe in subsequent years, we can get a company to sponsor us to supplement the money needed to print it. In any event, read on…

We’re going to do a 12-month, 30-box calendar which may or may not get printed. Photographers’ and models’ time will all be donated and the #yeg twitter community will decide where the proceeds should go. I would suggest we print these calendars out, if we can find a good rate someplace from a company who recognizes that crowd-sourced semi-nude, semi-sexy calendars are Always A Good Idea™.

Each month will include one (or possibly more, depending on the response we get) active Tweeps from Edmonton.

Other considerations: who to select as models, how many per month, how to select the models for each month, etc.

Let’s discuss this in the comments below. This is a huge brainstorm at this point so any zany idea goes. And if you’re going to tweet about it, we’re using #yegtwitterboyscalendar as a hashtag. Please broadcast this link far and wide and let’s generate some good discussion!

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2 Responses to “YEG Twitter Boys Calendar”

  1. Greg Walker
    April 9, 2009 at 1:07 pm #

    this idea sounds like a ton of fun. I’ll help out anyway I can.

  2. Adam Snider
    April 10, 2009 at 12:09 pm #

    This is both awesome and frightening. I’m not sure which side of the fence I’m on just yet, but I think I’m leaning toward awesome.