Episode the Eighth: Pure Speculation, Science Fiction and You

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On this, the most recent episode of the Unknown Studio (eight! eight episodes! Scott never believed in us!), Mr. Scott C. Bourgeois and I interview Brent Jans, the festival director of Edmonton’s Pure Speculation Science Fiction Festival.

Also called Pure Spec by nerdy and geeky stalwarts (we love you guys!), the festival is happening for the fifth year this weekend, October 2 to 4 at the Shaw Conference Centre. Events throughout the weekend include panel discussions and keynote addresses with science fiction authors, game developers, artists, and a variety of other sci-fi geniuses; RPGs being played; merchant booths; and more!

Scott and I spent an hour with Brent, and honestly, it was enough to convince me to attend the Festival this weekend… In between drinking and seeing Zombieland, of course. Registration is $15 before the event if you purchase from any Happy Harbor location or $20 at the door or by registering online.

Also featured in this episode, other than my patented Fast 15 is a dip into the Unknown Studio mailbag. One of our tens of listeners emailed us. You can too! Give us a listen and send us your feedback!


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