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Scott C Bourgeois and I started the Unknown Studio as something of a lark… We both wanted to dip our toes into the podcasting pool, but had up until the beginning of our discussion lacked the tools and will to do so. But we decided to get it done now possessing both of those things, and launched our first episode (also known as Episode the First) on June 22 of this year, with Brittney Le Blanc as our guest.

In our last episode (the Seventh), Scott said at the very end of the recording he didn’t expect that we would make it past episode three — having the short attention spans that we do and all. But I can honestly say this little venture of ours isn’t a chore — not even remotely; it’s something I look forward to every recording. In a perfect world, Scott and I would be doing this full time on top of running an Unknown Studio website and doing all the other hilarious random things it is that we do. And we would be paid vast sums of money for our troubles.

pure-speculation-bannerAnyhow, we launched Episode the Eighth yesterday and I think it’s kind of a neat listen. Not only did we get to talk to the Festival Organizer of Edmonton’s Pure Speculation Science Fiction Festival (taking place at the Shaw Conference Centre October 2 to 4) Mr Brent Jans, but I really feel as though Scott and I are starting to hit our stride. We sound comfortable. We sound like we’re having fun. It’s because we are.

To those of you who’ve given us a listen, even if you haven’t been into every episode topic: my thanks. It’s great to have your support, and tremendous to receive your feedback. I’m glad to say that more great content is on the way (in our next episode, we talk politics with Daveberta and Duncan Woytaszek).

Scott and I are also going to have a website developed that will probably become home to all my blogging — and Scott’s, as I will force him to write. The Unknown Studio Podcast will always be the flagship, of course. But we’re both so encouraged by how things have gone that we want to become bigger and better.

This is, hopefully, where you come in. If you have criticisms or kudos, we’d like to hear them. Please email me at adam [at] theunknownstudio [dot] ca and share your thoughts with me and Scott. We’re also looking for show sponsors to help us manage our hosting costs and our eventual development costs for the new site.

Above all, please keep listening. That’s why we’re doing this, after all — to share our stories, and those of others in our community.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride so far.

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