Life over the last few weeks, Vol. 1

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It’s been tough finding time to post about anything, really. Between work, meetings, managing the hockey sites and everything else, life’s been a cluster**** these last few weeks. However, in an effort to maintain some modicum of updatedness, I’m going to begin posting frequent (hopefully weekly) one-hit updates of what’s been going on or what I’ve found interesting in the last little while. I hope you’ll join me!

  • Scott and I recorded and launched episode seven of the Unknown Studio last week. This show, we interviewed Dan Tencer, host of Inside Sports on 630 CHED. Dan’s a knowledgeable guy, and it was fun to spend an hour picking his brain. Thanks for being on the show Dan!
  • Since Daveberta and I collaborated on the Ed Stelmach poster awhile back, we’ve finally settled on a concept for a Brian Mason poster. However, it’s tough finding decent hi-res, Creative-Commons-licensed pics of Mason. If you know where I can find any, please drop me a line in the comments.
  • The NHL pre-season is officially underway, and in typical OilersNation fashion, one of our writers Wanye Gretz has selected his star and his goat for the year. Who will yours be? (I went with Khabibulin as my star and Staios as my goat.)
  • On the podcasting front, I’ve been listening to friend Ramin’s podcast User Created Content over the last week (caught up on my most recent episodes!). Give them a listen if you’re into videogames. These boys have a great little show!
  • I managed to track down a fantastic bottle of wine last week. It’s Argentinian: Fuzion Shiraz-Malbec. At $11.99 a bottle, you’ll be amazed how good this wine is! The real kick in the nuts, though, is that in Toronto you can usually find this bad boy for only $9. Damned privatized liquor sales!
  • On the heels of Kanye West’s VMA outburst, you can now get Kanye to interrupt your own website, using I don’t care for Taylor Swift’s music, but Kanye’s just such a overbearing douche… Still, I love his music. So much internal conflict!
  • And just because he was so well-behaved when I took some pictures of him this week, here’s Vinny the Husky doing what he does best: laying around, panting, and looking cute:

Stupid dog

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