The Great No-shavesperiment

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As fall is rapidly approaching, and one can tell such a thing from the drastic dip in temperature from Thursday to Friday last week (temp went from 30°C to 17°C), that means two things: socks are fast becoming a mandatory rather than an optional clothing choice; and I guess I’m going to have to grow me beard out again.

My genetics endow me with the dubious quality of being able to grow facial hair at an alarming rate. The last time I shaved was August 31, 2009. At that time, I essentially looked like this:

baby adam

Basically exactly like the image, actually. I think I even had cake in my high-chair that day.

Now, however, not even a week since, I’m more monster than man:


A five-day beard. Eat your heart out, ZZ-Top

Soon, the genesis of the Riker Beard will be complete… That’s part of the reason I’m doing this, see.

I’ll routinely grow back my facial hair maybe once every two years due mostly to laziness and cheapness — those Mach 3s don’t grow on trees. Because if they did, those trees would cut you. This year, however, Rachel and I have decided to really nerd it up for Halloween, and will go as the original Star Fleet power couple: Commander William Riker — whose cro-magnon tendencies routinely cost him the chance to command is own starship (Riker was truly a sap with no business commanding his own vessel, but damn was he ever handsome); and the meddlesome-though-pleasant Deanna Troi.

There, I said it. Now if we don’t dress like this for Halloween, I no longer have an excuse for my continued vagrancy.

Watch this space for more beard updates.

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