Episode the Tenth: Edmonton Hauntings and Scary Stories

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scona highScott and I recorded our tenth episode with writer and journalist Marliss Weber, the second woman we’ve ever had on the show. She would also prove the scariest.

We spent about an hour in the studio talking about hauntings in Edmonton, and boy-howdy, are there ever a lot. We barely started to scratch the surface. And although the three of us agreed that we didn’t believe in ghosts, Marliss’ stories were no less chilling.

We talk a little about the science of spookiness, and then get straight into some of the first- and second-hand tales of fear we’ve experienced or heard. This is an episode not for the very curious, nor for the faint of heart.

Whatever you believe, Happy Halloween to all! If you’re interested in all things spooky in Edmonton this week, check out dEdmonton for Halloween events of all shapes and sizes.

Special thanks to Marliss for joining us on the show, and to listener Daryl Hooke for providing us with a chilling ghost story.


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