Peeking back, looking forward…

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I was unfortunately unable to attend Pecha Kucha Night 5 last night at the Horowitz Theatre on the U of A campus. However, by all accounts, it was a tremendous event.


Long-time friend and Girls And Bicycles writer Sarah Chan attended and had this to say about PKN5:

“Generally speaking, all the presenters seem to have the common goal of wanting to help make Edmonton a better city. […] All in all it was a great evening if only to go to something where there are a bunch of people who aren’t necessarily in undergrad and who aren’t super middled-aged either. The demographic was very much to my liking because it was people who are living and working in Edmonton, with the belief that we can do better. Better communities. Better social programs. Better buildings and planning. It’s heartwarming to know there is at least a small segment of young professionals who feel as though it’s worthwhile to take the time to discuss these things.”

You can read Sarah’s full review here.

Mack Male, one of Edmonton’s more prolific bloggers and Twitter kingpin (yes, Mack, I *am* throwing that out there) provides a great summary of PKN5 on his blog:

“I think my favorite presentation was Christian’s. He’s a great speaker, and I’m a sucker for cool technology applied to Edmonton. It’s amazing that he’s created so many 3D models for local architecture. His work is a really great resource for all of us. I also really loved Isha’s presentation, because I think it embodied what Pecha Kucha is all about – an interesting, thought-provoking idea introduced in six minutes and forty seconds. She left me wanting to learn more and wanting to talk to others about it!”

All of this took place on the heels of an article from David Berry at Vue Weekly talking about the upsides and downsides of Next Gen, the committee responsible for organizing Edmonton’s Pecha Kucha Nights. David has a good analysis on Next Gen with some interesting quotes from Next Gen chair Cary Williams (incorrectly named “Cory” Williams, at least in the online version of the story):

“One of the hopes is that Next Gen will be this hub, this glue that bring different people and organizations together and creates a greater community,” sums up Williams. “I want people to be excited about what’s happening here and wanting to contribute to the energy and creative thought here, and I’d love Next Gen to be the pebble in the pond that causes people to get out and be excited about building a community.”

Blogging stalwarts Mack Male and Dave Cournoyer are also quoted in the story. Give it a read!

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One Response to “Peeking back, looking forward…”

  1. Mack D. Male
    October 3, 2009 at 12:27 pm #

    I dunno about Kingpin 😉 Thanks for the shout outs, sorry we missed you last night!