The bestowing of appreciation

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There’s no question that spoiled suburban-raised brats like myself take everything for granted. I don’t mean to. It’s a rare thing to take a step back and really look at your life and be thankful for the things you’ve been given. Thanksgiving used to mean just food. When my parents were satisfied that I could drink without being entirely reckless, Thanksgiving’s meaning morphed to include drinking as well as eating.

At some point, however, I came to realize the importance of being grateful for things/people/events large and small alike. And while I have more than my fair share of narcissistic moments, I also know when to not be such a self-involved cock-bag. This is one such moment. Below the photo [of my father molesting a Thanksgiving Turkey] is a very brief list of some of the things I’m very thankful for.

Dad un-stuffs a turkey

Dad un-stuffs a turkey

Thanks for…

  • My job: I’m lucky to have one. And I’m one of the lucky few who has one who actually enjoys it.
  • My co-workers: awesome, creative and hilarious people, all of them.
  • My wonderful girlfriend: without whom I would be a much fatter mess than I currently am.
  • My amazing friends: without whom I would be a much fatter mess than I currently am.
  • My parents and brothers: partly responsible for my upbringing, but without whom I would be a much fatter mess than I currently am.
  • My cat: the constant source of amusement, bemusement, and detached but unconditional love.
  • The amazing people I’ve met: there are so many folks I’ve met this year because of my [now over] one year using Twitter. I’m so fortunate to know you all, and to get to share and interact with you daily.
  • My health: in spite of my allusion to fatness and messiness, I’m a healthy adult male with few — if any — complaints.
  • My roommates: oh sure, I want to strangle them 49% of the time. But that 51%? Sweet, sweet friendship.
  • Opportunities: some I’ve experienced, and some are coming over the horizon. I’m grateful for all of them.

What are you thankful for at this particular moment?

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