Episode the Twelfth: Edmonton – The Next Generation

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Cary Williams, one of Avenues Top 40 Under 40 (from avenueedmonton.com)

Cary Williams, one of Avenue's Top 40 Under 40 (from avenueedmonton.com)

Scott and I think we know a thing or two about what might make Edmonton a destination city for that next generation of citizens — the people who will inherit the glorious and gross parts of our fair city. But nowhere near as much as co-chair of Edmonton Next Gen Cary Williams does.

I first met Cary back at University. He was a strapping young go-getter eager to make a splash in the world of business. Like, a belly-flop splash. Particularly in the Asian world of business. Through school exchanges and his first (?) post-post-secondary job, Cary spent a lot of time in Asia, thinking he might make his life there. In fact, in a recent issue of Avenue Magazine Cary said, “I spent 10 years trying to figure out how I’d never live in Edmonton […]”

He then goes on to say something about dressing like a cheerleader. But he can do that, because he’s one of the Top 40 Under 40.

In spite of Cary’s proclivities toward mini-skirts — indeed because of it — Scott and I sat down with him to sort out why he decided to make Edmonton his home, and why he’s now one of the City of Champion’s biggest, uh, champions. We also discuss the city’s bid for the 2017 expo and what good things it might do (or fail to do) for Edmonton. Then I spanked him across the brain with a thoroughly enjoyable Fast 15.

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