Decade in review: the tops

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This is the time of year when newspapers, TV stations, blogs, and essentially any other broadcast outlet will produce their Top # List of the Best/Worst/Weirdest Movie/Album/Events/News stories/Stuff of the Decade. And while this is a somewhat cliché tradition, it’s still a valid one, since human beings are genetically wired to really enjoy a good list. Here, then, is a sort of list of lists: a list of the best year- or decade-in-review lists we’ve come across. Enjoy the reading, and Happy New Year! See you in 2010!

The ‘List’ List: 2000-2009 in review

The Top 3 Alberta Political Moments of the Decade by Daveberta — Dave Cournoyer held a contest that garnered over 1,600 votes from readers who selected the most significant political events in the province. He narrowed it down to 3, but if you look at his previous voting lists you’ll see that a lot went down in our province over the last ten years. Dave’s a great political analyst, and his top-3 is a must-read for the politically savvy. Also, you should hop on the comments at and have your say, even though the voting’s over.

My Favourite Things of 2009 by ReileycatReileycat aka Jess, a rising twittizen from #yeg, publishes a list of her favourite things every year. This year, her list is back, and as awesome as ever. She even lists a certain piece of technology that’s played a large part in growing the Unknown Studio, and the Edmonton community in general. Give her list a read, and while you’re there subscribe to her blog. She’s on of Edmonton’s up-and-coming designers, don’t you know!

The Edmonton Journal’s Y2K 10 Decade in Review — Edmonton’s newspaper of record is taking a look at the “decade that was” in several parts. For the next ten days, the Journal will look back at some of the most significant events and trends of the last ten years. What they have posted so far is telling: it was an eventful decade.

Destructoid’s Top 50 Videogames of the Decade — With all due respect to our friends at User Created Content, who put out their own 2009 review in a recent podcast, a great and well thought out list of the 50 best games of the past 10 years was put out by Destructoid. A very good read that shows how the 00’s (Aughts? Zeroes?) were a pivotal decade in video gaming.  Some excellent and surprising choices, and definitely worth the time to sit down and read.

The 20 Best TV Shows of the Decade by — I sifted through a TON of these pop culture lists looking for a good representation for our list of lists. Unsurprisingly, everyone and their dog has their own two-cents on what were the top whatever of the past 10 years. But Paste Magazine has put out a good, detailed list which I recommend checking out. I don’t agree with all their choices, but that makes for some good, discussion-worthy reading.

The 2000s in Review by — This is truly the list to end all lists. We found this one thanks to another list provided by Mastermaq. This list has everything — it’s the digital observance of virtually all the things you would ever want to see considered in a series of lists. Along with some of the local stuff up above, we recommend you check this one out. If anything, it will help you kill time as you stare listlessly at a computer screen while the rest of your colleagues finish the last of the egg nog this week.

More to come…

I’ll be posting my fave albums of each year of the decade later this week. And I might have another list or two up my sleeve as well… If you have any list suggestions, add them to the comments!

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