The Character Assassin: Megatron

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And so another fictional character is put in the cross-hairs of The Character Assassin. In this installment of the series, we take a look at a man with vision. A man with passion. A man who is not actually a man, but is, in fact, a robot in disguise.


Megalomanical Decepticon Leader

Megalomaniac Decepticon Leader

Star Of: A Hasbro toy-line with a classic children’s cartoon based on it, and a number of spinoff comics, series’ and movies.
First Appearance: Transformers: Generation 1 (toy-line/cartoon)
Likes: Strong leadership (his), smug overconfidence, energon
Dislikes: Starscream, incompetence, losing
Bio: The military leader of a race of artificial lifeforms, who leads a faction in a civil war for control of his planet, and can disguise himself as a gun. Or a tank. Or a fighter jet. Or whatever.

1. Good Government

Megatron’s raison d’etre is patriotism. Say what you will about his methods, his heart is ultimately in the right place. He wants a strong Cybertron, a united Cybertron, a peaceful Cybertron.

Granted, that Cybertron is strong, united and peaceful under his domination… but that’s the only way he can ensure that stability. He knows that he’s the best solution to the problem, and to hell with the little guys who don’t have the vision to see the bigger picture like he can.

Megatron might kneel to no one, but he would respect those with a bold vision, and the conviction to carry it out at any cost. He would respect those who can take power, and keep it, even if it means destroying their opposition. That’s the kind of strong leadership that he would consider good government.

2. National Defense

As a feared military commander and leader of a pro-war faction, Megatron obviously believes in the necessity of a strong military. And, seeing as he literally turns into an instrument of death, it’s likely he won’t be afraid to utilize that military in a pinch.

Megatron seems... unlikely to seek compromise.

Megatron seems... unlikely to seek compromise.

The problem with Megatron as a war-leader is that time and again, he often seems a little overly cautious. Frankly… he’s a bit of a chicken hawk. The guy talks big, but for his reputation, he’s often willing to cut-and-run at the first sign of trouble.

On the other hand, he’s committed to the larger mission. Megatron may be willing to lose a battle, but damned if he’ll lose the war. Surrender and defeat in the larger perspective are not an option – even if it means the sacrifice of thousands, and a protracted fight that takes centuries.

3. Energy

Like so many wars, the battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons has energy resources at it’s core, and freedom. But mainly energy.

Cybertron appears to be a military industrial economy, and as such is in need of a constant supply of fuel – in this case precious energon.

Purple Gold

Purple Gold

Many of the battles the two factions engage in are over dwindling supplies of their vital power source, and both sides understand the importance of keeping the energon flowing.

Would Megatron make deals with Middle-East potentates to get more energon? Yes. Would he send in the troops to topple a regime that threatened that flow of energon? Yes. Would he strip mine the country if it meant a steady supply of energon? Yes.

4. The Environment

What environment?




Megatron is a believer in strength of leadership and an overpowering military hegemony. Granted, it’s impossible to tell how his economic beliefs pan out – but it’s pretty certain what his opinion would be of froo-froo socialist or liberal parties. The only problem here is that Megatron wouldn’t want to help put a Conservative government in power… he’d want to be the Conservative party in power.

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One Response to “The Character Assassin: Megatron”

  1. bingofuel
    December 22, 2009 at 2:43 pm #

    I wonder… would Galvatron’s politics be markedly different from Megatron’s?