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I’m not going to lie to you, I love it when people talk about me. Good or bad, I’ve always been one of those people who craved the spotlight. Thankfully, aside from the few times I was threatened with libel lawsuits when I worked for the aforementioned Leaky Death Ship, when I have been in the spotlight, it’s been mostly good.

Given my propensity to seek out stuff people say about me, I’m dismayed every time I check out the Unknown Studio on iTunes. Oh sure, some of our listeners have given us star reviews, but what does 4.5 star even mean? Can I take that to someone and be like, “Look, dude: ALMOST FIVE STARS. Why won’t you just approve me for a freakin’ mortgage already!?”

So I’ve decided to run a contest. I’m offering up a $40 gift card for American Apparel. If you write a review for our show on iTunes, you’ll be entered to win. Here’s how it works.

  1. Write your Unknown Studio review on iTunes
  2. Smile at yourself for a job well done
  3. Post a comment here and let us know you’ve written your review — tell us which one it is so we know who you are
  4. Wait for me to draw a name — possibly yours
  5. Win, maybe

See, how hard was that? You could already be the proud owner of a SINGLE COTTON SHIRT. One that’s made ETHICALLY by hippies in California. (Seriously, though, I love American Apparel fabric — so soft!)

Write whatever you want. Pan us, love us. Tell us we suck. Tell me I suck, and Scott’s the only reason you listen. I don’t care!

Spread the word. Tweet your peeps, Facebook your friends, tell fellow listeners. Please, someone, ANYONE, take this gift card off my hands. You have until TUESDAY, DECEMBER 15 at NOON. That’ll leave you with nine shopping days before Christmas.

And… GO!

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