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Scott and I try and make a conscious effort to be pillars of the community. Sometimes that means producing a show with a lot of beeped out expletives, sometimes it means posting content to our website that we hope our readers find humorous…

And sometimes it means helping out organizations in Edmonton. When the Christmas Bureau invited us to their media launch back in November, we were surprised. We didn’t think we’d made that much of a splash in Edmonton. Looking at our analytics and show download info, however, tells us that we’re doing something. Something good.

And then we get emails like this one, from a few days back:

Adam and Scott,

As we’re getting most of the campaign wrapped up and receipted, I just wanted to say thanks for your support this Christmas! I can speak for both Dianne Brown, Campaign Director, and Wendy Batty, Executive Director, when I say that we’re really glad you came out to the Campaign Launch.

Also, thanks a lot for the advertising that you ran through The Unknown Studio! As far as I know we’ve never had that type of support before; however, online donations are up from last year, and I have to assume that at least a portion of that is because of the support/recognition we received from the (awesome) online community in Edmonton.

For your information, we came close to reaching our goal of $1.6 million this year and provided festive meals to 69,000 less fortunate Edmontonians. In such a tough economy and with so much need this year, I’m happy to say that Edmontonians still stepped up to the plate and made sure we did well.

But again, thank you for your support! I, personally, won’t be around next year, but don’t be surprised to get an invitation to our Launch again in the fall.

Liam Peuramaki
Campaign Assistant, Christmas Bureau of Edmonton

Liam’s assumption of what kind of traffic we drove to the Christmas Bureau website was generous, as our numbers indicate we sent only about 20 people his way, but it’s the thought that counts. The Christmas Bureau helps Edmontonians, therefore we help the Christmas Bureau. And while they didn’t quite nail their ambitious $1.6 million goal, they came close, which definitely says something in these economic times.

The Christmas Bureau will always be near and dear to the Unknown Studio’s heart, because they were one of the first organizations who thought to invite us to a PR event. They consider us to be media, of a sort. That kind of recognition ups the stakes for us, and makes us want to improve. So, aside from being an inspiration for what they do for citizens, we appreciate the recognition.

To everyone who donated, or otherwise assisted with the campaign this year, thank you. We hope to see you again next year!

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