Mass Effect 2 has stolen my life

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Alright, I admit I haven’t blogged much lately. Fact is, I was very, very busy last week and didn’t get the chance to write anything.

But, I intended to get things in order this week, and actually have two articles on the go – the intention having been to get them online this week and begin contributing again.

Then Mass Effect 2 came out.

Suffice to say, Mass Effect 2 is an amazing game, and one that I may actually write a proper review of at some point in the very near future. But I can’t right now. Because right now, it owns me.

So bear with me, gentle reader. I will be back soon, in all my splendour, and richer for the experience. But until that day – likely sometime this weekend – I ask that you shed no tears for me. The sacrifices I make, are for you.

To the Terminus Systems, Joker, full speed!

In all seriousness, I’ll get back to blogging shortly, and Mass Effect 2 is my excuse.

I don’t have an excuse for why Adam’s been so quiet. Usually he’s quite the attention whore.

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