Trololoing our way to Utopia

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If you haven’t heard the name Eduard Khil or been the victim of the newest and possible the most hilarious internet meme since the Rick Roll, then you’ve probably just emerged from a cave in some strange blighted landscape.

Eduard Khil is a Russian singer. He recorded a video for a song called “I Am Glad to Finally Be Home” in 1976. It’s a bizarre vocalization set to music. No lyrics. I’m not exactly certain why there aren’t lyrics, though I’ve heard tell it has something to do with the fact that the words were censored by the former Soviet government in the 70s. Here’s the video of the meme everyone’s talking about (popularized by Stephen Colbert and Christoph Waltz), often referred to simply as Trololo:

Memes are amazing. They’re these little nuggets of content that netizens become obsessed with. They’re viral, self-perpetuating and often silly (think All You Base Are Belong To Us, or the aforementioned Rick Roll). One of the things I find most remarkable about these memes is what other users wind up doing with them to make them their own. To wit, the “dumbed down” version of Trololo:

This meme is so popular, it’s spawned its own website with ringtones people can download. Needless to say, Trololo has been my ringtone for some weeks now. And now, people can fill out a petition for Eduard Khil to do a Trololo world tour.

Perhaps one of my favourite things about internet culture, though, is the concept of the mash-up. I’ll leave you with one. Trololo goes hip hop. This is the pinnacle of human existence. I’m not even kidding you:

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