Meta: the Mack Truck contingency

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Once upon a time, when I was the Editor-in-Chief at the Gateway, the then-business manager Don Iveson (yes, I just name-dropped him. I looked after his dog last week, so he owes me) and I would joke about what would happen to the newspaper if one (or both) of us was killed. Though we knew the organization would get on just fine without one (of both) of us, we also retained a tremendous amount of knowledge about how the business ran… One of those tidbits of knowledge included server passwords and critical banking information that would need to be accessed in the unlikely event that one (or both) of us was hit by, say, a Mack Truck.

So we printed off these important documents and sealed them in envelopes that were not to be opened unless one (or both) of us fell victim to a large, errant semi-truck.

Lately, my mode of thinking on the Unknown Studio has been similar. What if something occurred to either Scott or myself that made it so that recording from our various locations became untenable. What then?

You see, we’ve gotten used to a certain level of “quality” when it comes to recording the show (I put quality in quotes because I’m certain the balance of you will snarkily disagree). But right now, we’re a little hamstrung as to when we’re able to record. And I would love nothing more than to open a case of beer, sit down with a guest and kibitz until the sun goes down, no matter what day it is. We don’t currently have that luxury — even though I am tremendously grateful that we’re allowed to use the incredible professional facilities we currently use.

And guess what? Studio equipment is EXPENSIVE (duh, I know, right?), particularly if you want to do it right. And neither Scott nor myself are wealthy. We make decent money; it allows us to occasionally get together and drink beer. But not drop a couple grand on some new kit.

I was recently whinging about the Unknown Studio’s inability to realize the home-studio dream… And I was doing this rather loudly to my delicious and delightful colleagues in the League of Extraordinary Media. Sally heard me, and obviously wanted to shut me up, because she mentioned the fact that the Unknown Studio was looking for a sponsor to the cats who run Guru Digital Arts College.

Effective more or less right the hell now, Guru Digital Arts College is the de facto title sponsor of the Unknown Studio. Their generous support will allow Scott and I to build a state-of-the-art home studio, which will allow us to be extremely flexible in the creation of the show.

You can read Headmaster Owen Brierley’s own take on this awesome partnership at the Guru Blog.

In the meantime, we hope to continue providing Edmontonians and Albertans with compelling content, engaging conversations, and a filled-to-the-brim swear jar — soon coming to you almost live from our very own home studio.

Thanks to everyone for listening and reading, and thanks especially to our new partners at Guru Digital Arts College, whose support will ensure the Unknown Studio’s longevity for likely much longer than anyone out there is reasonably comfortable with.

Adam Rozenhart
TUS producer, co-host and webmaster


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