A Year of Fast Fifteens | Unknown Studio Birthday

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The Unknown Studio turns one this week (June 23). A few of the articles we’re publishing this week will commemorate our birthday, with a look back on what we’ve accomplished over the year. Today’s installment includes a look at the Fast 15, a concept hatched during our second show as a way to “break up” the long-form interview with some quick-hit questions.

Into the second episode of the podcast, which was a long discussion about the city with councilor Don Iveson, Scott and I were already trying to think of ways to mix things up — to change the slow in small ways to make it much more interesting. At the beginning of Don’s interview I started scribbling into my notebook a series of really simple and fast questions we could ask Don to cap off the interview. I came up with the name Fast Fifteen, as the intention is for our guests to more or less blast through the list.

This almost never happens.

But the Fast Fifteen generates some pretty interesting discussions, answers and comments. Below are a few charts displaying how people have answered over the course of the season. I couldn’t get the “Favourite Colour” chart to match up colours to words, so forgive me if it looks really dumb. In fact, let’s start with that one…

A season of colour

A chart depicting preferred colour

Overwhelmingly, our guests love blue

You see that green section of the chart? That shows people who like the colour blue. Super intuitive, I know. blue and green were the top two this season. And only one person (Duncan Woytaszek from our Post-Partisan episode) likes the colour yellow.

A season of pets

One Fast Fifteen question we always ask of our guests is whether they prefer dogs or cats. Everyone has state a preference for one, the other, or both. But no one has ever said “neither,” which I thought was kind of interesting. Still, a majority of people prefer canines to felines:

A chart depicting preference of dogs over cats among our guests

Dog people. I guess they love mouth-breathing and drool

A season of computers

I’m sad to say it, but it seems most of our guests are PC users. Apple may be ubiquitous in the mobile phone markets, but they still have some work to do when it comes to personal computing… (Also, somewhat related, I’m glad they have Steam for Mac now. But I’m sad my little laptop isn’t powerful enough to run the games.)

It’s worth noting that none of our guests use Linux. But at least one guest prefers not to use a computer at all:

A chart depicted computer preference among our guests

Jon Hodgman would be pleased

A season of holidays

The “What’s your favourite holiday question” is an interesting one. Some people interpret “holiday” as meaning favourite statutory holiday (in this case, we’re including birthdays), while others think I’m asking what they’re favourite vacation destination is. There’s no right answer, of course, so I never correct anyone, but it’s interesting how different people answer.

This season, four people shared their favourite destinations with us (India, Canmore, New Caledonia and England), but the chart below shows people’s favourite statutory holidays:

A chart depicting the holidays our guests love

Christmas is about giving. And receiving. Oh yes. Receiving.

A season of sports

Finally, we come to sports. Not surprisingly, hockey is the overwhelming favourite sport among our guests, but there are some other interesting ones in there as well, including Rugby and Volleyball.

What really surprised me, though, is that no one said Baseball. Poor, poor Edmonton Capitals.

Oh, and at least one guest was a big fan of Quidditch.

A chart depicting the sports our guests like

In spite of a loser hockey team, our guests still love hockey

What’s next?

Clearly, these charts don’t depict the fifteen questions we ask of all our guests. Some of the responses are just too weird or diverse to place into a meaningful chart. So tomorrow we’ll have a post up discussing some of the funnier answers to questions, including movies people hate, and the first vehicles people were forced to drive. Stay tuned, as we celebrate our first birthday here at the Unknown Studio!

And note: if you have any questions for us about the show, or really anything, please fill out the Formspring form in the right nav. Who knows, we may even answer your questions on the air! Wouldn’t that be exciting?

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4 Responses to “A Year of Fast Fifteens | Unknown Studio Birthday”

  1. Jeff
    June 21, 2010 at 12:16 pm #

    So, what the Capitals have to do is change their name to the “Blue Dogs.”

    And play hockey.

    • Adam Rozenhart
      June 21, 2010 at 1:32 pm #

      Apparently… Which reminds me, we should go to a Caps game together. SOON.


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