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The Unknown Studio turns one this week (June 23). A few of the articles we’re publishing this week will commemorate our birthday, with a look back on what we’ve accomplished over the year. Today’s installment includes another look at the Fast 15 (check out the previous post here). In particular, we dive into some of the more interesting or peculiar responses we’ve had to a few of our questions.

In our first installment of our TUS retrospective, we gave you some very deep and thoughtful pie charts that detail the splits in responses to some of our Fast Fifteen questions. Some questions, however, yield such unusual results that they simply defy the concept of pie charts.

These are their stories.

Tell me more, like, does he have a car?

About halfway through the season, it became clear that the question “What was your least proud moment?” wasn’t a terribly popular one. I think it’s because people’s least proud moments typically involve extreme weakness, poor judgment and even vomit. Sometimes, least proud moments involve all three of these things. We weren’t getting good answers out of people, so we ditched the question.

I replaced it with “What was your first vehicle?” I expected most people who get really cheeky as respond with, “A tricycle,” but most of the answers are based around motor vehicles, save for Peter Daly’s — he counts his bicycle as his first vehicle.

Other interesting responses to this question include…

And my personal favourite response, from our own Scott C Bourgeois:

  • “A teal-green Pontiac Cutlass Supreme, called Guzzy.”

‘Mmmmm… 64 slices of American Cheese’

Butter ChickenOur guests also enjoy a vast array of different kinds of foods. And while diversity is the key, it seems most of our guests favourite Italian food… Lots of “pasta”-like responses on the “Favourite food” question (2 spaghettis, 1 lasagna, and 2 pastas — I got very specific and mentioned the Manor Pasta from the Manor Bistro).

Some of the more unique answers included:

Movies, movies everywhere!

Finally, we have our movies categories. Scott and I are huge movie buffs, so the Fast Fifteen was replete with questions about film. However, we found over the course of the season that there are just some people who don’t share our enthusiasm for the oeuvre, so we’ll be changing up the question list for our new season.

Anyway, I’m least interested in people’s favourite movies, and want to know their Secret Shame movies. You know, movies they hate to admit they like because they’re just SO TERRIBLE. Here are some of the more hilarious ones:

Yup… We have a diverse range of guests with a diverse range of tastes!

Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at how much the show’s grown over year. A hint: it’s exceed both Scott’s and my expectations.

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