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This post marks the last installment in our birthday celebration series. We think after this, we’ll have done enough navel-gazing to last us for, oh, I don’t know, about another year. Until we hit S03E01. In this post, we speculate on the future of the show and its place in this fair city. And, because they’ll form a big part of our plans for the next year, we’ll also talk a little bit about our friends from the League of Extraordinary Media (LEM). Thanks for reading this week, and stay tuned for our season premiere next week!

Doctor Emmett Brown conceived of a method of time travel when he hit his head on a toilet bowl while trying to hang a clock in his washroom. The Unknown Studio’s genesis is no less riveting, but it really involves drinking beer from a toilet, not bumping one’s head on it.

But we’ve discussed the past all week long. What of this triumphant future we continually espouse? A few things:

  • This website was only the start — or rather, the natural progression of the Unknown Studio. We have plans to create some pretty cool video with the help of our friends at LEM.
  • Since YEGSwap was such a rousing success, we’re looking at doing more events this year. Perhaps even all regular-like.
  • The show itself will change — this we’ve already mentioned. But it will still focus on the goings-on in Edmonton.
  • I will continue to swear, because I enjoy the sound of curse words (which means some of our listeners will need to put the kids to bed before tuning in).
  • Thanks to the sponsorship dollars we have coming in (we LOVE Guru Digital Arts College and Traveling Tickle Trunk for their support and love), we’ll be able to do more timely, diverse things with the show.
  • No one shot JR; it was all a dream.

One of the major points of beginning this podcast was to help citizens of Edmonton shed the notion that there isn’t anything interesting taking place in this city. And while I’m the first to admit that sometimes I feel bored, there are resources out there to help you make the most of Edmonton. This is one of them. So is theEdmontonian.com and TrueBritl.com. Mack Male created ShareEdmonton to show that very thing.

Two years ago, I was hell bent on leaving this place. Despite the fact that I was born and raised here, I didn’t feel like I had a personal stake in the city. This show has changed all that. There are thousands of cool people and cool things happening in old Why Ee Gee all the time.

The future? The future is about sharing that with you all. I hope you’ll continue to count yourselves among our 50s of listeners and readers. This city may not have been built on rock n’ roll, but there’s enough rockers and rollers here that the fortunes of Edmonton have taken a turn and will continue to take a turn for the better. And we want to be part of those fortunes.

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