A successful outing – with cake and beer

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Last night, along with our friends at TheEdmontonian.com, we celebrated our birthday. Granted it was about two months too late — we needed time to get our shit together, order a cake, prepare a program for the evening, and plan how much we were going to drink — but it was still awesome.

More awesome than we could have expected.

On the next episode of the Unknown Studio, we’ll have a few highlights from the evening. Meanwhile, League of Extraordinary Media co-founder Brittney Le Blanc was kind enough to take a bunch of photos of the event and post them. Here’s a slideshow for you:

Huge thanks to all of the local celebrities who read for us, including Josh Classen, Ryan Jespersen, Samantha Power, Colin MacIntyre, Craig Schram and Trent Wilkie. You were all amazingly hilarious. We’ll definitely have to do it again sometime.

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