Dawson Bridge Watch™: the end is nigh

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It’s September, and you know what that means: that means that December is only a few months away. And despite the approaching snow, cold and darkness, I couldn’t be happier.

You see I’ve been a Riverdalian for about four years now. Fours years I’ve lived in this little place, a neighbourhood close to everything, and yet also far from everything in its isolation. And I can say it no other way: it sucks not having the Dawson Bridge open. Believe it or not, Edmonton, there are things to DO on the east side of the city. Amazing, interesting things.

But we won’t get into that right now. You need to discover it for yourself.

In spite of the fact that the bridge has been closed for nearly a year, people so rely on the Dawson Bridge that still, in spite of the length of the project and the fact that there are detour and road closure signs up everywhere, I STILL see people flipping U-turns at the bottom of Rowland Road. The fools!

But old Dawsy, she’s starting to look like her old self again. That vibrant, sand-blasted blue tint makes it look like a brand new bridge. I can’t wait to drive across it. I may rent a supercar just to do it.

Who wants to pitch on a Ferrari?

Let the countdown, uh, continue.

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