Feeling Out of Touch

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Justin Bieber, bigger than the Beatles since 2010

I won’t lie to you. I rarely know who anyone on the cover of the magazines at the grocery store are. It seems that I have to watch Saturday Night Live just to even attempt to keep up to date. It wasn’t until Tina Fey hosted her old show with musical guest Justin Bieber that I learned that Canada had a young pop-star that is winning over the rest of the world.

Imagine my surprise when I opened my Flixster ap on my Blackberry to see that there is a Justin Bieber movie! How long has this kid been around for I wondered. Michael Jackson didn’t get a concert movie until after he died. Now, this guy gets a movie when he seemingly just started. I just don’t get what makes a person famous anymore I guess.

This brings me to my most recent discovery. This past weekend, old favourite Dana Carvey came back to host an episode of SNL. This of course meant the return of old skits, starting with Wayne’s World. This was great, and just as funny as it used to be. Next up, Church Lady! Here is where I needed my old pal Wikipedia. The first guests were the Kardashians. I’ve heard the names before, but had never put any thought or effort into figuring out who they are. This time, they were such a focus in the skit that I just had to look them up. I am embarrassed to say that I still don’t understand why they are famous. One page said that it was because Kim Kardashian is friends with Paris Hilton. Really?! That’s enough to make a person famous now? That bothers me a little, and brings up the real question, how did people become famous before reality television and the internet.

There have always been rich people, and these rich people have always had rich, ridiculous kids. I’m sure these kids have always spent money lavishly on whatever they felt like, but I think more of us were just blissfully unaware of that fact. I really don’t think that there are more Kardashians or Hiltons; it’s just that they not only have a platform now, but they have multiple platforms.

Now comes the hard part, how do we make them go away? As simple as this may sound, it’s the same advice your mother gave you about that kid who was staring at you in grade one –¬†just ignore them. Southpark even did an episode along the same lines. As hard as it is, the only way these “celebrities” who are famous for just being young and rich will lose their spotlight is when we all stop watching them, stop buying magazines featuring them, stop tweeting about them. Sadly, that is much easier said than done. We as a society get too much “entertainment” value out of watching these people, likely because it’s an easy laugh and it makes you feel better about yourself and your life choices.

I anxiously await the day we would hear what scientists or educated leaders  have to say rather than what Snookie from Jersey Shore has to say about the current state of our society. But should that day never come, should we never reach a point where we lose interest in rich spoiled kids, at least we will be entertained. Sigh.

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