Hitting the Links – Saturday June 11, 2011

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Here’s something new and fun.

I’m trying to get in the habit of making use of my twitter feed for more than just mindless, raving madness. Instead, a more constructive use is to post interesting links for people to follow to unusual corners of the Internet.

It’s all an eclectic mix of neat products, interesting news, fun videos, hilarious comics, and other such nonsense.

So, with that in mind, I’m going to start doing a weekly roundup of the links I posted. And in keeping with that witty golf reference I used for the title – we’re going to look at 18 “Internet holes” I recommend from the past 7 days.

The “Front Nine” will be smaller hits for the net-golfer on the go – a selection of shorter links that you can get in with your buddies before lunch. Things get a bit lengthier in the “Back Nine”, for folks who are settling in for a longer game.

Caddy and clubs not included.

The Front Nine

1 – Legendary comedic actor Leslie Neilson’s epitaph is – a fart joke!

2 – “Firefly” with Muppets.

3 – Whiskey Stones add new meaning to ordering “scotch on the rocks.”

4 – Hark A Vagrant – Brown Recluse Spider-Man

5 – For lovers of organization – “My Life in Graphs”

6 – What it looks like to be 200 meters from a lightning strike.

7 – Real life Star Trek-like holosuite on the horizon?

8 – Flying bear causes fatal car crash.

9 – Tornado caught on car-wash surveillance camera.

The Back Nine

10 – Catwoman joins Batman as a playable character in Arkham Asylum sequel.

11 – 10,000 piece LEGO Sandcrawler puts everything you’ve ever built to shame.

12 – “Alpha Flight” comic relaunched, will take on evil Canadian government.

13 – Scientists get better glimpse into the universe of anti-matter.

14 – False “Psychic” lead causes police, FBI, media to loose their minds.

15 – Original animated short – Kung Fu Cooking Girls

16 – Boardgame “RISK” being adapted for film.

17 – Organic German beansprouts caused deadly E.coli outbreak.

18 – Italian geologists sued for not predicting deadly earthquake.

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