Hitting the Links – Saturday June 18, 2011

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Another week, another bunch of weirdness on the Internet.

Fortunately, I use my twitter feed to keep you apprised of some of the juiciest bits of Internet. And at the end of the week, it all gets compiled here for your reviewing pleasure.

So, lets hit the links, friends. 18 Internet spots worth checking out. As always, the Front Nine are a collection of shorter hits for those who don’t have a lot of time, while the Back Nine is where the longer material ends up.

Get your golf-cart fired up. Here we go.

The Front Nine

1 – Oscars changing how many Best Picture nominations they’re giving. Again.
2 – “Star Wars” television show still in the works. Sort of. Maybe.
3 – Actor Sean Bean defends a woman’s honor, gets slashed, orders another beer.
4 – Foodologist Alton Brown’s Pulled Pork Sandwich recipe.
5 – 5 reasons a “Fraggle Rock” movie would… well… rock.
6 – Future of restaurant menus? Touchscreen table top!
7 – Apple developing tech to control when you can use your phone camera.
8 – “BioShock’s” Rapture brought to plastic life with LEGO.
9 – No, seriously, a woman tries to hire a hitman over Facebook.

The Back Nine

10 – Holy shit, a working HOVER BIKE!?
11 – Just in time for Pride Week – “rainbows” are banned at an Ontario school.
12 – Meteorite suggests life on Earth originated in space.
13 – Samuel L. Jackson reads bedtime story “Go the Fuck to Sleep.”
14 – 10 “Star Trek” projects that could have been.
15 – Chinese man makes awesome Iron Man Mark 1 costume.
16 – Hollywood losing confidence in San Diego Comic Con.
17 – Atheists pitch in to help repair vandalism to Oregon churches.
18 – Trojan condoms does a sexual census of the United States.

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