Hitting the Links – Saturday June 25, 2011

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Welcome, Internauts, to another a week of strangeness around the World-Wide Web.

As always, I take 18 of the links I’ve tweeted and compile them into a list for ease of perusal.

The links included are on a variety of nonsense topics, from science, to movies, to games, to the bizarre. This week’s fun includes a urinal based gaming console, zombies overrunning a city council meeting, and self-driving cars.

Got your clubs? Good! Lets hit the links.

The Front Nine

1 – Ron Howard producing a live action “Spy vs. Spy” movie?
2 – Zombies invade unprepared British town.
3 – Scientists working on “Smell-O-Vision,” cure for cancer still a few years off.
4 – Land approved for Gary Gygax memorial in Lake Geneva.
5 – Pixar announces new movie for 2013, no other details.
6 – The “Screwnicorn,” for the unicorn loving connoisseur.
7 – New cast members added to “Powers” adaptation.
8 – Several notable artists record “Muppets” tribute album.
9 – 7-year-old leads police on car chase.

The Back Nine

10 – Six words: My Little Pony Street Fighting Game
11 – New alloy turns heat directly into electricity.
12 – Congratulations! Your dishwasher could be breeding deadly black mold!
13 – Sega unveils new urinal based gaming console. Yes, you read that correctly.
14 – J.K. Rowling unveils “Pottermore,” a new way to get your money.
15 – Supreme Court to make landmark ruling on future of video gaming industry.
16 – Self-driving cars get the green light in Nevada.
17 – Horrific “Doctor Who”-like bollards aim to slow down school zone drivers.
18 – Shockingly, “Bigfoot” evidence announcement turns out to be a total farce.

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