Scott C. Bourgeois: Playwright and Big Deal™

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This guy: big deal. For real.

I don’t know how many of you know this, but my Unknown Studio co-host Scott C. Bourgeois is a pretty big deal. A lover of animals, a connoiseur of fine scotches, an experienced roller-of-many-sided-dice, Scott is what you might call a renaissance man. I’ve never seen the man paint, mind you, but I know he’s a sharp wit with a keen mind who knows a lot about the renaissance.

And now he’s being recognized for it.

Scott, along with his co-writer Morgan Smith, earned a Sterling award nomination for Outstanding Fringe New Work. The pair wrote a play called Game Face, which played at last summer’s Edmonton Fringe Festival to sold-out crowds and astonished onlookers*. You can read a tidbit about their nomination at See the whole list of Sterling Award nominees over here.

Congrats to the Unknown Studio’s Golden Voice. Well earned, dear friend!

*I assume this is true, but like any good blogger, I don’t believe in research.**

**That’s not actually true.***

***What is true, however, is that I do most of my writing in my basement wearing underwear.****


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