Slamming with the best of them

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We haven’t made a super-huge stink about this, but I’m going to do so now. For the last four or so months, Scott and I have been regularly going to the Haven Social Club. You can usually find us there the third Wednesday of every month. We’re there because we like applause. We like beer and wings.¬†We like stories.

We LOVE Edmonton Story Slam. And there’s another Story Slam taking place TOMORROW NIGHT you won’t want to miss.

If you’ve never been to Story Slam before, here’s what you can expect — in list form, because PEOPLE LOVE LISTS, AMIRIGHT?:

  • Fine service from a patient wait staff
  • A room with the ambience of a smaller, cozier Sidetrack Cafe (anyone remember that place?)
  • Funny stories
  • Awful stories
  • Sad stories
  • Pharoas Pizza
  • New friends
  • Getting to schmooze with Edmonton’s up and coming writers and orators
  • Getting hooked on a great Edmonton event

I’ve been hooked on the Story Slam format since Adam Patterson told me to start listening to the Moth Podcast. Story Slam is kinda like Edmonton’s Moth. And you should be there like a [SOMETHING] to a [SOMETHING] (I really didn’t want to make a moth joke. Don’t want to be THAT guy).

Join the Edmonton Story Slam Group on Facebook, and mark your calendars for the third Wednesday of every month. That’s when things be slammin’.

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