Summer zombies

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There’s no shortage of things to do in Champion City this weekend. Today sees the beginning of Pride Week in Edmonton, as well as the 104 St Al Fresco event. The Unknown Studio will be at TEDxEdmonton chatting with audience members, speakers and organizers about the second TED event to hit Edmonton.

But tomorrow… that’s when things get downright SCARY. In a good way.

The Unknown Studio is hosting Edmonton ZomBeers 7 at Original Joe’s Varsity tomorrow evening. There will be door prizes, and there will be a bunch of wonderful zombie geeks watching Zombieland together. You can get your free ticket at our eventbrite page.

If you lack the click-y wherewithal to visit the link, here are some details:

Do you like beer? Are you afraid of the no-doubt-pending zombie apocalypse? Do you think Edmontonians need a plan to defend the city against the walking undead? Do you loooove zombie movies?

Then join us for Edmonton ZomBeers, a gathering of people who love the zombie subculture. What do we do at ZomBeers? We talk about zombies and watch zombie movies, of course.

This time around, we’ll be watching last year’s instant-classic movie Zombieland.

It’s going to be fun. Door prizes include swag from the Walking Dead, and copies of ’68, a new zombie comic created by Nat Jones (who teaches at Guru Digital Arts College).

Hope you’ll join us tomorrow evening!

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