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A few weeks back, Mack Male approached me on behalf of Amy Shostak from Rapid Fire Theatre. “Would you be interested in taking part in an improv-based social media experiment?” the internet himself asked me.

Now I should say I know very little about improv, except that I thoroughly enjoy watching it. But the one thing I do know about a good improv performer is that they never say “no” to another performer’s suggestion in the middle of a scene. So I naturally said “yes” to the Mack/Amy request.

And that means that tonight, along with Mastermaq himself as well as the Baconator Realtor Jerry Aulenbach, the theatre revolution that is Rapid Fire’s annual Improvaganza will indeed be live-tweeted.

The plan is for the live-tweeters to not only tell the #yeg Twitter community what’s going on at Improvaganza this evening (starting at 7:30pm, by the way), but to also solicit scene suggestions from our online audience. And in-theatre audience members will be encouraged to tweet about their experience using the #yegimprov hashtag.

Mack posted about the event last week which you can read on his blog.

As for me… I’m looking forward to it. It’ll be cool to connect with some great new people. And also, perhaps the best part: we get to hang out at one of my favourite Edmonton pubs after the show. So I’ll see many of you at the Next Act!

#yegimprov – A Live Social Media Experiment
Tonight at 7:30pm
Varscona Theatre
Tickets $10 at the door or available in advance from Tix on the Square

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