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Adam and I live excessively busy lives it seems, and try as we might, we often don’t have time to juggle so many projects at once.

One of the projects that we’ve often left neglected is our poor blog. I want to be clear here – we want to have tons of content here for you to enjoy. We want to give you a reason to come here every day. We want to sit down and each write something every day.

Sadly what we want, and reality are often so far from being in the same ballpark that they’re not even playing the same game anymore.

We long ago made the decision that the podcast was our priority, and I think we made the right choice on that front. It’s a quality show that we’re very proud of, and it recently celebrated a major milestone. Essentially this means that in any given week, if we’re super busy, we’ll make time to record the show – but we don’t give the same consideration to this space.

Well, I state it here that we’re going to try and turn this ship around. I can’t promise quality content from day-to-day but you can expect more deliciously readable content on our website starting this week.

So stay tuned… or bookmarked… or whatever the hell you do on the Internet.

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