Hitting the Links – Saturday, July 30th, 2011

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It turns out it’s HARD keeping to a regular schedule sometimes.

Specifically, I really do intend for the Hitting the Links feature to go up every Saturday. But the fact is I’m busy and it’s just been difficult. So I apologize for not getting one up last week.

But fear not, faithful Internauts, for we’re back, and we’ve got plenty of strangeness from all corners of the web for you to peruse.

This week’s links include dogs versus sharks, the navy versus aliens, cars versus gravity, space stations versus the ocean, and Chinese parents versus common sense. Huh… lots of conflict there.

Lets hit the links!

The Front Nine

1 – “Lucifer” and “Messiah” on the list of banned baby names in New Zealand.
2 – “Wish I Had a Portal Gun.”
3 – Chinese parents sell their kids to feed their video game addiction.
4 – Man awakens in morgue, scares the shit out of the funeral home workers.
5 – Port-a-Potty explosion caused when man lights up cigarette.
6 – Prisoner claims he’s falsely in jail, demands his own country as compensation.
7 – Driver flips his goddamn car over a concrete barrier into a parking spot.
8 – “Game of Thrones” characters done in LEGO.
9 – No one bothers to run for mayor of Tar Heel, North Carolina.

The Back Nine

10 – “Battleship” trailer proves you can’t make a board game into a movie without aliens.
11 – Man concocts elaborate revenge scheme against his ex, nearly destroys her life.
12 – Scientists say they’ve dis-proven time-travel.
13 – International Space Station to be crashed into the ocean in 2020.
14 – GLaDOS’ voice actress sings “Want You Gone.”
15 – “Westerama” mashes up “Game of Thrones” with “Futurama.”
16 – Dog vs. Shark ends in a way you wouldn’t expect.
17 – Turns out Pluto’s been hiding a fourth moon.
18 – Anonymous social network hit by hackers.


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