Hitting the Links – Saturday July 9, 2011

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And we’re back, friendly Internauts.

Yes, the Canada Day long weekend didn’t have a Hitting the Links. Let’s be honest, though – you were out getting drunk and watching fireworks, so you really didn’t have time to scan over the week in strange links, did you?

I considered a belated segment, but decided not to bother.

So, we take 18 of the links I’ve tweeted and compile them in a handy list.

This week’s online strangeness includes immortality, Angry Birds the movie, and Charlie Sheen.

The Front Nine

1 – Glasses convert crappy 3D movies into glorious 2D!
2 – Is the PS4 slated for a 2012 release?
3 – New app turns FourSquare into “Risk.”
4 – Is “Wargames” in line for a remake?
5 – Learn to make French Toast like “Good Eats” host Alton Brown.
6 – Square-Enix “demixing” classic game music into 8-bit.
7 – Do it yourself guitar pick punch!
8 – Man dies in motorcycle accident, while protesting helmet laws.
9 – Comedy Central goes after low hanging fruit, to roast Charlie Sheen.

The Back Nine

10 – Researcher says immortality may soon be a reality.
11 – Indestructible BotNet enslaves your computer, protects it from viruses.
12 – “Angry Birds” creators want to make a movie version, be the next Pixar.
13 – Pixar, meantime, sells out, and starts working on “Toy Story 4.”
14 – Chain-mail bikinis aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.
15 – Sea urchins see with their whole body, further prove all ocean life is terrifying.
16 – New He-Man movie still a possibility?
17 – What happens when “Game of Thrones” meets “Arrested Development?”
18 – Classic Edmonton Sketch Conspiracy – “Avril Lavigne”

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