Hitting the Links – Saturday, July 16th, 2011

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It’s Saturday, and that means its time for another stroll through the fairways of the digital world.

Earlier this week, local Internet Mack Male wrote about link roundup posts, and I’m happy to say that Hitting the Links made the cut for a mention. He also spoke about how he enjoys these little roundups, even though they don’t generate many comments.

So I wonder… who out there is wandering through my 18 weekly Internet holes? Care to comment? Make yourselves known, Internauts! Let’s explore together!

As always, I take 18 of the links I’ve tweeted and compile them for you.

This week’s links from the depths of the internet include fish using tools, a Lizard Man, giant space rocks, and a motherfucking BATMOBILE… among other Batman related fun.

The Front Nine

1 – New “James Bond” film back on track, returning Miss Moneypenny to the canon.
2 – French homeowners find literal pot of gold stashed in their basement.
3 – New “Riddler” trailer for “Batman: Arkham City.”
4 – Chinese scientists make gelatin out of human DNA.
5 – “Dark Knight Rises” teaser poster unveiled.
6 – Jenna Maroney’s “Muffin Top” song from “30 Rock.”
7 – “Hark a Vagrant” – Mary Shelly Quite Contrary
8 – Brienne of Tarth cast for season 2 of HBO’s “Game of Thrones.”
9 – Sir Hedgehog t-shirt helps you class up the joint.

The Back Nine

10 – Move over Bigfoot, “Lizard Man” cryptid wants to eat your car.
11 – “Space Invaders” dropping down, moving faster into movie theatres.
12 – Convoluted X-Men family tree laid out in “easy to follow” chart.
13 – Diver captures first ever photo of a fish using a tool.
14 – They Might Be Giants covering “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba.
15 – Researchers say “time and space” cloaking device is possible.
16 – Gearhead builds turbine-powered Batmobile. Seriously.
17 – NASA probe to study asteroid, dwarf planet.
18 – Speculative Dinosaur Project wonders, what if dinosaurs didn’t go extinct?

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