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Just over a month ago, “Mondo” Jay Runham and I had a drink together at Next Act. Jay wanted to pick my brain about everything I knew about podcasting — what’s the best equipment, what would be a good format, all that good stuff.

As I slipped gracelessly into a stupor, looking at Jay square in the eye — for one of mine had permanently closed — I told him, in no uncertain terms, that he wasn’t to start his own podcast. The last thing the Unknown Studio needs, I told him, is competition.

Jay reassured me he wasn’t trying to compete with the Unknown Studio… Unless we planned to talk about movies ever again. Which we probably do. That’s when he told me about Jay n’ J[ordan] — Edmonton’s Entertainment Podcast. I decided, after sobriety gave me a stern lecture to find out more about this new project.

Unknown Studio:¬†How did you guys get to the point where you were, like, “We should do a podcast about movies”?

Jay: Michael Bay came to me in a dream with robots and told me “Jay, upon the internets, you must release you podcast”.

Jordan: Jay called me as if he was in a feverish dream and yelled over the phone “We need sustenance!”

And thus we had a meeting over burgers and Jay n’ J. was born.

US: How long between that decision and actually launching? (We’re just hoping you procrastinate like us)

Jay: 20 seconds to record… 10 seconds to edit. Another 10 seconds to upload

Jordan: Are first episode wasn’t that great But then we decided to have Gregg Beever on the episode.

Jay: It took at least two weeks to do his makeup.

From a meeting over burgers to first episode was just under two weeks.

US: What plans do you have for the show?

Jay & Jordan: Ummm…

US: Who would you rather be pitted against: the stupid ghost-faced murderer from Scream, or the creep from the Saw series? WHY?

Jordan: I’m going with the dude from Scream. Jigsaw from Saw is way to smart for me and I assume I’d have absolutely no chance of survival.

Jay: Me too… plus I could probably just shoot the dude from Scream and end that horrible franchise.

US: What’s the one film each of you watches and can’t help but shed some tears… I MEANT GET DUST IN YOUR EYES?

Jordan: Dead Poets Society.

Jay: I still haven’t seen that movie.

Jordan: What the hell Jay!

Jay: Well mine is J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek.

Jordan: Is it because of the lens flares?

US: Is it OK if Scott and I still occasionally talk about movies on our podcast?

Jay: I want to be nice about this but.. no.

Jordan: You guys could come on our podcast and talk about movies though.

Jay: Ya… we basically have a copyright on “Talking about Movies in Edmonton” now. Sorry. (Patent Pending)

You can catch Jay n’ J every month via their Tumblr. iTunes link should be coming soon, if Jay takes my drunken advice.

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