Hitting the Links – Saturday, August 13th, 2011

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Welcome to another “Hitting the Links,” fellow Internauts.

I will be spending the next week firmly entrenched in my various Edmonton International Fringe Festival projects. You should check out both the stage play I’m in, as well as the nightly improv show.

The improvisational comedy show in particular might be up your alley.

But before I delve deeply into the world of theatre for the next week, I leave you with 18 Internet holes of glory for you to poke your business into. Uh…

This week’s batch of the bizarre includes a police force being laid off, thinking machines, real-life costumed crime fighters, undead squids and a town-for-sale.

The Front Nine

1 – “Slaughterhouse-Five” banned in Missouri school, Vonnegut museum swears to send a copy to each student.
2 – Vincent Gallo movies now to only be seen by Vincent Gallo.
3 – City of Oak Hill, Florida, fires entire police force.
4 – Own your own town for a mere $800,000!
5 – Girl struck by lightning on a bright, sunny day.
6 – Pregnant student goes into labour during bar exam, finishes before delivering baby.
7 – Japanese scientists invent thinking, learning robot.
8 – “World War Z” plot may be dumbed down for movie version.
9 – Movie script is mistaken for literal bomb, blown up.

The Back Nine

10 – Wild dogs in Moscow learn to use public transit, are generally super smart.
11 – Popular Japanese “Dancing Squid” dish makes dead squid move in horrifying parody of life.
12 – Mike Mignola to kill off  title character of “Hellboy.”
13 – Gardener by day, costumed crime-fighter by night: Knight Warrior.
14 – Khan might be in “Star Trek 2,” but the Borg definitely won’t be.
15 – Swedish man tries to build a nuclear reactor… in his kitchen.
16 – Piece of space shuttle “Columbia” found in dry Texas lake bed.
17 – “How to Train Your Dragon” gets stage adaptation from “Walking With Dinosaurs” people.
18 – New drug may effectively treat any viral infection by killing it’s food.

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