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Scott and I met for lunch the other day to discuss the forthcoming season of the Unknown Studio — our third since we launched this puppy back in June 2009. Originally, we’d agreed to take a short summer hiatus. That has turned into a full-on summer vacation from our beloved podcast. There are several contributing factors to our extended absence:

  • Scott is busy rehearsing for not one but two Fringe productions
  • I moved into a new place with Rachel at the beginning of July, and we’ve spent much of the summer setting up
  • I’m on vacation next week
  • It’s summer
  • Did we mention it’s summer?

I know at least one of those might seem like a lame excuse, but… well, we started this so we didn’t have to make excuses. To anyone. OK, Mom?

But fear not, frequent listener, for while we won’t be back in earnest until September, next week we’ll have a “summer special” episode of the Unknown Studio, featuring interviews with Edmonton Folk Music Festival performers, Fringe playwrights and actors, and even Lauren, the beloved hostess of Sex Talk from the Traveling Tickle Trunk.

The Unknown Studio will be back in full swing with our Season 3 Premiere the week of September 12.

We look forward to talking at you… on the INTERNETZ!

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