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We love great content — content that focuses on the interesting stories in Edmonton that should be told to the masses. So we want you — our listeners — to help us create this content. We want YOU to produce a segment for the Unknown Studio.

As such, we’re holding a contest starting today, and ending on September 30. We want you to pitch us your segment idea. It can be hard news, comedy, skit-based, a radio play, a series of interviews — whatever you want.

Give your segment a name, a theme, a gimmick — whatever you think it will take to create something viable, entertaining and/or informative. If you can send us a quick 2-minute demo, that would be fantastic too!

The winning segment will air once per month. It should be between 5 and 10 minutes.

It must have the shelf-life of AT LEAST one season — or about 18-20 episodes. If our listeners really like it, and if we really like it, we might even keep running it, and you become a regular contributor to the Edmonton’s best talk show podcast!

You must be able to produce the segment yourself, and deliver it to us each month. Hell, we’ll even show you the tricks of the trade, if you need a little bit of training.

Send us your ideas! Show us how clever, funny and awesome you can be. And above all, show us your perspective on the City of Edmonton, its incredible citizens and its untold stories!

Email theshow@theunknownstudio.ca and pitch us your segment! And of course, if you have any questions — any at all — email us! You could be a part of the podcasting magic of the Unknown Studio’s 3rd season!

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