Kikki: a planet worth visiting

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This past weekend, Scott and I had the opportunity to record an interview with Kathleen Smith, known to most as @kikkiplanet on Twitter. Kikki started out on Twitter a ways back just playing around, and it wasn’t until the constant and effective chiding of Jerry Aulenbach that she became more involved with the community.

Her notion of creating a personal website for her random musings soon faded and gave way to, which will be launching this Friday, September 30 at an exclusive party at the Daffodil Gallery (10412 124 St). And wouldn’t you know it, but Kikki gave the Unknown Studio two pairs of passes to giveaway to this sure-to-be bumpin’ shindig. And these passes? Hell, they get you food AND booze. Nice, right?

So here’s the deal. The first two people to email and tell us Kikki’s favourite kind of booze will win the tickets. Sorry kids, we already have our winners. Have fun at the party, and if you feel like paying your own way, you can buy tickets on EventBrite!

Trust me, this isn’t a party you want to miss.

And stay tuned later on this week, when we post our show, which features a full-length interview with Kikki herself!

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