Comics! Pow! | S03E04

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Have you ever sailed in a Happy Harbor? Scott and I have. We did so in this, our most recent episode, where we interview Jay Bardyla, proprietor and local giant at Happy Harbor Comics. They just relocated their downtown store to 107 Street and 104 Avenue. A lovely store that you should visit (they have couches, coffee and soda. Also, comics).

We also have segments detailing some of the terrific Movember events taking place right here in the Greatest City on the Planetâ„¢. Here’s the breakdown:

0:00: The Fortress of Solitude… home of Happy Harbor!
17:17: Microphones and Moustaches (on November 27) with Gregg Beever
23:56: Wait, how many Happy Harbors are there?
48:18: MoSistas Edmonton, coming to a D’Lish Wine Bar near you (on November 10)
55:44: The Rules for Home Shaving – A Dramatic Reading by Scott C Bourgeois
59:12: Jay and PureSpec and Married Scott
1:16:14: The Fast Fifteen with Jay Bardyla


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