Mayor of Toontown | S03E05

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It’s time your your favourite podcast, my friends. And this one’s a doozy. Not just because it includes a peek into the Unknown Studio mailbag (which it does); not just because it includes a story from the Christmas Bureau (which it does); and not just because it includes the inaugural Edmonton: A City segment, brought to you by Matt Hirji, Simon Yackulic, Sam Brooks and Jonn Kmech (which it absolutely does)…

But it also includes an interview with the founder of the Toonseum, Joe Wos. Scott and I had the opportunity to speak with Joe at Pure Speculation. We actually interviewed him before a live studio audience. We’d love to do a lot more of that.

No, my laptop is pooched, which is why there’s no image for this show on our feature banner above. That’s also why I can’t give you a show breakdown.

This will all be corrected tomorrow. Meanwhile, I assure you, this podcast will be music to your ears. Enjoy!

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