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Scott and I rarely get out, owing to the fact that Edmonton’s top scientists insist on conducting endless studies into just what it is that makes us so fantastic.

It’s fuckin’ Wheaties, all right? ARE YOU HAPPY?!

No, you’re not happy. And do you know why? Because you rarely get the opportunity to actually spend time with us. UNTIL NOW.

This weekend (like, the one that starts tomorrow) is jam-packed with Scottadam goodness (that’s Scott and Adam goodness, for those among you with the furrowed brows). Well, Sunday is, anyhow.

You might recall an interview we did last season with the Edmonton Public Library’s Writer-in-Residence Marty Chan. Marty was a great guest, and over the past year, he’s been meeting with creative people in Edmonton to help them hone their craft and write, write, write. A part of Marty’s role at WiR is to encourage and nurture writers. As such, he’s been hosting a series called the “Writers’ Corner”:

[…] [A] friendly and supportive gathering with a different guest author each month. The guest author will give an author talk and reading and will then answer your questions and offer advice. Come and talk about your writing in a friendly and supportive atmosphere and listen to the suggestions of professional writers in our community. All writers and readers are welcome. No experience is necessary.

While Scott and I won’t be “reading” anything we’ve written, per se (at least I don’t think we will. I tend to throw out all my napkins), we are going to be speaking at the last Writers’ Corner hosted by Marty, so come down to the Stanley Milner Library on Sunday at 1:30pm if you want to learn all there is to know about podcasting.

But wait, there’s more!

Immediately after we finish up at EPL, we’re going to high-tail it to the southside of the river to host Microphones and Moustaches: The Movember Open Mic Challenge, brought to you by two of the most wonderful hipsters we know, the Inglorious Hipsters (who were also guests on our show).

The Challenge takes place on Sunday starting at 5pm, and goes until about 9pm. People are invited to challenge others to perform on stage for money. This money will be donated to Prostate Cancer Research as part of Movember. Easy, right?


No, it is. You should come down to that to see people do silly things on stage, all for a great cause!

See you this weekend, EVERYONE IN EDMONTON.

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