T’was an Unknown Christmas | S03E07

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Merry Christmas, everyone! In this very special Christmas episode of the Unknown Studio, Scott and I chat with Jonn and Sam, two of the creators of the Edmonton: A City podcast segment. And wouldn’t you know it, but they have a segment in this very episode! There’s also some other tidbits in here from Scott and myself, as well as a gift exchange between the two hosts. Here’s the breakdown:

0:00: Intro – “look at my sack!”
1:00: Welcome to the Edmonton: A City boys
19:58: Christmas in Space – yes, this is a severe Star Trek reference
23:36: How podcasts get started
43:27: Edmonton: A City – A special Christmas segment
54:38: A Dramatic Reading with Scott C Bourgeois – in which Scott outdoes Adam by telling EVERY CHRISTMAS STORY AT ONCE
1:01:15: A Christmas gift exchange; also Scott and Adam get confused
1:10:39: The Fast Sixteen with Sam and Jonn


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